Dalle de Verre Technique

One inch thick slabs of glass measuring 8 by 12 inches and called Dalles are broken with a carbide hammer  or sawn with a  water cooled diamond blade saw into shapes for designs.  The edges of the glass are chipped, or faceted, so that light will be refracted through the facets.

After completing the cutting, the pieces of the  glass design  are placed in a mold. Special epoxy formulated for the technique is poured in to the gaps between the glass. When the epoxy hardens and cures, the finished piece can be hung by hooks embedded in the epoxy or framed in to a wall opening.

Since the glass used in this technique is much thicker than standard glass (usually 1/8” ), the resulting colors are much richer and deeper by comparison.  Dalle-de-verre glass is preferably displayed in strong and direct sunlight which allows the facets in the glass to sparkle.

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